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Re: for those eb******...

With Gavin, when he turned 1, I started sending organic cow's milk for his single bottle at daycare (and thus I could put my pump away!), and continued to nurse whenever we were together. He essentially weaned himself at 18 months, so he was on milk or green fruit/veg juice after that. With Claire (10 months), we are obviously still bf'ing. She doesn't really get any other fluids other than bm (aside from the occasional sippy cup of water). When she turns 1, I plan to start introducing organic raw (unpasteurized) cow's milk in small proportion to bm in her single daycare bottle and see how that goes. If she takes to it okay, I will slowly increase the amount of cow's milk and eventually send a full bottle of raw milk for her at daycare and put my pump away again (hallelujah!). Claire is much more emotionally attached to bf'ing than Gavin was, so I really don't expect her to wean herself earlier than Gavin did...
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