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Re: pain free labour?

Originally Posted by deejahd
Not to start a debate or anything, I certainly know nothing about hypnosis or hypnobirthing but was told by a pastor of mine a really long time ago that a Christian shouldn't get involved with those types of things. Here is the link I found:

That being said I prayed through my contraction....and it still hurt a lot even. I had been a doula 4 years and through hundreds of hours of births with people but for some reason was completely stupid to what I should be doing. I'm totally prepping my hubby with what to tell me to do this time...or maybe I'll get my own doula. BTW it only hurt a lot really when they started the pitocin. This time unless baby is in distress there is no way they could pay me to take it!

Hmmm...I also don't want to start a debate and I *AM* a Christian, but I also always try to research things and make my own decisions based on my own beliefs rather than judging based on what *anyone* else tells me. I looked at that link and will look at it a little more but I don't totally buy everything in there. According to that site yoga is a sin? Also, that link is referring to allowing yourself to be hypnotized by someone understanding is that hypnobirthing involves self-hypnosis. I never looked into hypnobirthing that much until today because I didn't believe it was necessary, but looking at it now, I think it is very much in line with my beliefs. Check out According to that article, the theory behind hypnobirthing is that childbirth is a perfectly natural event and our attitudes, fears, and anxiety are a big part of what complicates things. Nothing un-Christian about that, right? That's exactly what I have always believed without ever knowing about "hypnobirthing". So the people who "teach" hypnobirthing actually teach women to trust their bodies and relax and work with their bodies instead of being afraid and fighting the process. Again, I don't see anything wrong with that. Maybe there's more to it than what I see right now but I think the name may cause some misunderstandings. Many years ago when I was in the Navy, I learned some self-hypnosis techniques to help with intense migraines. It wasn't that different from any other deep relaxation techniques I've learned over the years. And while I didn't consciously self-hypnotize during labor, I'm sure I called on those relaxation techniques just like I called on every other experience I've had in my life to help me. I guess I'm saying don't automatically rule it out because of the name or what someone else thought years ago...maybe it is worth another look.
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