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Re: which bottles for pumped milk?

Like so many pp said, your baby will probably decide what bottles you use! My first hated the Ventaire, kind of like the Medela/Nuk ones and loved Avent. So we ended up with only Avent for daycare. Second one comes along (and she has a small mouth) and she absolutely refused the Avent. She also refused the Playtex, Gerber classic, the Naturalatch one, plus another one that had a large nipple -they were just too big for her. So, we ended up w/ the Medela and glass Evenflo w/ the Nuk nipples (she hated the "traditional" long skinny nipple shape, but loves that weird angled nipple. She also will only take the Nuk pacifiers (same shape). I'm not sure why the LC would say Avent are the worst when Avent actually has several studies that show they are one of the best for breastfed babies. Just get one or two of several varieties and let the baby decide.
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