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I have to question some of your information here.

The MMR vaccine, and all vaccines with thimerasol, were taken out of the vac roster in Sweeden some years ago (1997, I think.) The rates of autism remained EXACTLY THE SAME as in every other developed nation, regardless of the use of this chemical in vaccinations in those other nations. In Britain, up to 50% of parents in some areas refused the MMR vaccine, and the rates of autism there have also not changed. Meanwhile, cases of preventable illnesses such as mumps rose significantly in areas where there was a scare about the MMR vaccine (a scare which was based on one small, unsubstantiated study, which has since been completely discredited.) This has caused damage mostly to people who were never vaccinated - those who were, pulled through with no complications.

The Mumps vaccine, and several others including the chicken pox vaccine, are not designed to give complete immunity; they're designed to boost immunity. A vaccinated child can still get sick, especially if that child was already fighting another illness such as a cold, but they will get less sick and will get better sooner. It's bad science to claim that getting the disease proves the vaccine didn't work. Also, for every vaccinated kid who does come down with it, there will be several more who won't, thereby protecting more of the population who were not vaccinated. I chose not to take the chance that my elderly relatives would catch something potentially life-threatening from my children, even though getting the illness would not be a big deal for my kids.

I am not convinced that thimersol is a good idea, but I'm absolutely convinced that the diseases being vaccinated against are more of a risk than the thimersol. The reason modern western nations have such an incredibly low infant and child mortality rate can be credited to the massive vaccination programs of the last fifty years. Your unvaccinated children are much, much less likely to come in contact with these diseases than they ever were before - because the rest of us are vaccinating our children. In other words, you're benefitting from our decision to vaccinate.
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