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Re: Vax and my baby

Desperate to hear my son call me a name. Any name would do at this point. Desperate to have him be able to point to the kitty...since we've only been working on that one for 24 months now. Desperate to have his verbal skills rise above the 14 month level. I just want to put my head down and cry. It is like pulling teeth. EVERY day is another therapy for Colin and still nothing. Thanks again.
I could have writtn this year ago. ds is turning 3 next week and still doesn't say his own name Just a few weeks ago he started saying 'Thank you' and it melts my heart every time!
He has now made up so many signs that we can understand him well but I want so badly fr him to talk to us

eta: He had a reaction to his first set of shots, coincedence? Maybe

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