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Re: 10-hour flight with a 5 month old

Don't worry about your baby...In my many years of experience of hugely long flights, I noticed that the kids have NO jetlag. They eat when they are hungry and sleep when they are tired. I just flew from Honolulu to Lyon, France yesterday, by myself with my 18 month old (I proudly cloth diaper ) and it is already my third time this year (5hours to LA, 12hours to Frankfurt, 1hour to Lyon) and my son is already at daycare and doing great...while I'm dragging myself around town in a tired haze.

Babies and children are so lucky that they don't know about 'jetlag'
You'll be fine! Just breastfeed when you take off and land if your LO starts to cry because of the pressure.

Little note, take twice the amount of diapers that you think you'll need! There are no diaper stores when you're in the air.

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