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Re: Vax and my baby

Originally Posted by rowynne
I am also a heath care professional & I agree with rxmommy. I have vaccinated all 3 of my children. My oldest is gifted, my 5yr old has ADHD & ODD (she got the mercury FREE vaxes), my 18mo old just finished her vaxs on wednesday & is also showing precociousness.

It is your right to vax or not your child. I find it interesting that all this talk of "autism is caused by mercury in the vaxes" and its the child that didnt get that stuff that has the issues in our family.
I do not believe that mercury *causes* autism, number one. Number two: I don't believe it's just the mercury that contributes to the problem. Let me explain:

1. "Vax causes autism": No, I believe there is a tendency toward problems that can lead to autistic symptoms which is inherent in a given individual. Certain circumstances can then set this tendency off, and the symptoms begin. Not every person is born with this tendency, and not every person who has the symptoms, has it "because" of vax. But *yes, vax can contribute to setting off the symptoms in some people*...this is what I believe and what I was saying.

2. Mercury may be out, but other goodies, such as formaldehyde, are still in, or have been added, or have been used as replacements. How does your brain function on formaldehyde? How do you think it would have functioned when your entire body was only eight, ten, fifteen pounds?

As to your child not being vaxed and having issues, what issues is your child having, if I may ask? Are they autistic in nature? is unlikely that vax is the only cause of autism today. Is there only one cause of cancer? If only! Is there only one cause of learning disabilities?

Hope that clarifies the whole "vax 'causes' autism" misnomer.
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