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Re: Vax and my baby

Oh, wait, I see. Your non-vaxed child has ADHD (not autism) and I'm sorry, but what is ODD? You didn't happen to mean OCD, did you? OCD isn't autism either. If you meant ODD, can I ask what that is? I haven't heard of it.

Also, please be aware (and I'm surprised that as a health professional, you didn't know this) that your "mercury-free" vaxes DO contain mercury, ironically. According to the Mercury Free Act, "no person shall be vaccinated with a mercury-containing vaccine that contains more than 1.25 micro grams of mercury per dose". That's on top of the formaldehyde and possibly aluminum. You say your child with ADHD got "the mercury free vax"--which one? Does this mean she got more than one vax? Again...she was then exposed, possibly numerous times, to not only the vaccination itself but these other harmful substances.

Therefore...I'm not seeing the same irony you are.

And again...I am not taking the chance.
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