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Re: Vax and my baby

Originally Posted by rowynne
I am also a heath care professional & I agree with rxmommy. I have vaccinated all 3 of my children. My oldest is gifted, my 5yr old has ADHD & ODD (she got the mercury FREE vaxes), my 18mo old just finished her vaxs on wednesday & is also showing precociousness.

It is your right to vax or not your child. I find it interesting that all this talk of "autism is caused by mercury in the vaxes" and its the child that didnt get that stuff that has the issues in our family. oldest DS is gifted too. In fact, he began speaking (clearly speaking...unprompted) at eight months of age. Yes, eight months. He is amazingly brilliant and yes, he was vaxed. Isn't that wonderful? One out of three ain't bad, right? Well, yeah, it IS bad...IME. One child with a very questionable future who will have nobody to care from him when my husband and I die because he can't take care of himself, ISN'T A-OK in my book just because another of my children was vaxed and didn't wind up that way. (Although my oldest DS is 20 years old and didn't have 24 shots in 24's only in recent years that vax have gotten so ridiculously out of hand.)
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