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Taking Off Velcro Need Advice

I started CD dd as a newborn with both snaps and velcro. For a variety of reasons I decided I hated velcro and just got snaps ... move ahead 18 months later

Changing dd became very challenging and I would get frustrated trying to get the snaps on. I decided to try some velcro and it was so much easier I started switching my stash from snaps to velcro .... move ahead 4 more months.

She is now taking off the velcro it is starting to really become a problem . And dh swears it is because the CD are uncomfortable for her and she would prefer a sposie

What would you do? Switch back to all snaps, even though I have spent the last few months rebuilding a velcro stash? I even have new velcro dipes on the way to me. Or stick with the velcro it will be a short phase and pass soon. You know I am going to start a poll.
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