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Re: Vax and my baby

Originally Posted by janelyb
I live in Northern CA and a few months ago found this awesome group for CA families only

Many of the families there are in So. CA and are so extremely helpful. My child possibly has apraxia too, actually in his case he was already recieving therapy for months and then I read about apraxia and thought some of it sounded like him but by then it was kinda too late for a diagnosis....meaning if you have apraxia and are recieivng treatment it starts to look like another speech disorder called Severe Phonological Disorder. So right now he has Severe Phono Disorder w/apraxia contigionies

As far as shots go, CA is very flexable if you don't want to do anymore for your child you don't have too...and if you want to delay them for your other child you can. You'll just have to search around to make sure the ped agrees with you. I've never been to a DAN doctor but I have considered it. Definately join the apraxia group you'll get alot of support there!!!

Oh alot of apraxic kids use ASL (american Sign Language) to communicate or if the apraxia is effecting your child's hand where he has motor issues the PECS system might be an option. Feel free to email me more if you have any more questions.
this is a great refference site too:

Thank you, Janel!
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