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Re: Vax and my baby

OH! Also (this is to Janel), I do think the most recent therapist was using PROMPT. She would put her hands in different a thumb under the jaw, or hands on his back pressing in, or her hands on his lips. Unfortunately, that therapist only started two weeks ago...and just ended. We only had her for two weeks! She was a "fill in".

I have begged other speech therapists to at least entertain the idea of apraxia. I got laughed at (professionals seem to have this wonderful way of laughing at me :lol: ) for a year and a half...until suddenly this month it became THEIR idea. Now, "Guess what. It's apraxia!"

No sh*t. Really?

(He also has cognitive delays, BTW, but apraxia is one of his conditions as far as "they" can now tell. Surprise.)

So...anyway, I was so excited by this PROMPT thing that I have been doing it with Colin at home. He still only makes one sound in response, "buh" (no matter what the word is I'm trying to help him say), but at least he's trying and it's a ray of hope. I will cling to any hope at all at this point, you know? I just want my son to grow up happy. I wonder what will happen when we die and nobody is around to take care of him...nobody can really understand this unless they have been through it.

I really appreciate those who responded to my actual question...this is great advice.
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