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Re: Shots

Vaxing or not vaxing really comes down to doing what feels right to you, so we must all respect everyones individual decision.

The books I've read say that all of the diseases that shots are given for were close to extinct or on the wean (mostly because of improved sanitation) before the vaccine brought them back.

IMO, I don't trust statistics because they are easily manipulated, hidden, and changed, (just like all the hidden lawsuits by parents of autistic children). I do have enough friends with autistic children to believe how they had completely normal, healthy babies until they got shots that literally transformed them.

My baby got whooping cough at 6 months from a child who got it right after getting the vaccine. If she had not gotten it from the shot, my ds wouldn't have gotten it either. It was not beneficial for us at all...just 2 sick kids from a shot that would have otherwise been healthy.

I must add that ingredients in vaccines are scary...formeldahide (poison), aborted babies, and other weird animal products.

That's enough for me to know on the matter, but it's interesting to hear the other side!
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