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Re: Vax and my baby

Soft bum baby, I wanted to give you a big (((HUG))) You could be describing my life with my oldest who will turn 5 on the 4th. It has been difficult to say the least. From one appt to another always trying to find something that just might turn the tides back in his favor. Therapy has done nothing for him (well that's not entirely true, the OT helped with his SPD which is totally unrelated any way ). He has been in speech for 3 yrs, but it has been the work that dh and I do with him every day that has truly helped. The only difference is that Kearnan developed totally normaly until his last vaxes. Within a matter of days my precocious talker couldn't speak at all. He just screamed. I know it was the vaccines that did it, not a single doubt in my mind. We finally qualified for SSI and he will be going to a DAN! DR soon to start treatments which will most likely include chelation. But the most iritating thing to me is that no one will admit the vaxes caused this, and even if he improves with the chelation they still won't admit it. And he was vaccinated for bogus things, just like your ds. Prevnar was invented to prevent ear infections, even my current Pedi admitted it. Is it worth our children becoming Autistic to possibly prevent ear infections?!?!?!?! But the second a vax comes out for somethign it is suddenly a huge killer. Like Chicken pox which was jsut a comon annoyance when I was a child. Now it is a death sentence that you are a horrible parent if you don't protect your child from. I was reading a mainstream magazine the other day and some one had written in worried about Hand Foot and Mouth disease. The Dr expert told the mother not to worry, that it was annoying, but not too serious. Dh and I had to laugh because we knew that if next year there was suddenly a vax for Hand foot and mouth disease it would become this great feared killer and this same "expert" would be telling parents how dangerous it was and to run out and get the vax. They may even put out more of those horrid comercials with the crying rubber duckies. Rotavirus practically dropped off of everyones radar when they had to yank the vax because it was killing children. I never heard a single thing about it when ds was born. Now Merk wants to bring Rotoshield back (new and improved of course, look far fewer cases of deadly intesesepetion) and suddenly they are starting talking about rotovirus again, and how deadly this diseas is and how many kids will get it. If it is true that every child has it by the time they hit 5, then Kearnan has had it, and he hasn't had anything I would call horrible or deadly. Maybe mildly annoying, but the only viral stomach illness he had was far less severe than the stomach upset that those darn Guacamole Dorritos dh gave him caused. He was sick for a week with those (dh was in a ton of trouble for it too).

Sorry looks like I got off on my own rant there. But I wanted you to know that you aren't alone. There are others of us out here dealing with Vax damaged children. Kearnan is labeled with PDD NOS because of vaccines. And there are things that you can do. Look into the autism research institute and the defeat autism now DRs. I can't tell you what to do about therapy. Despite the fact that it has done nothing for him, Kearnan is still going. But every time the school district tells me how great the program they are offering him is I remind them that they haven't really helped him at all. Funny how they like to forget that part.
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