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Re: 10-hour flight with a 5 month old

Yes, as pp said, no worries - you baby will adjust MUCH better than you will, LOL! We flew to Australia from Michigan when Gavin 4.5 months old - that's approx. 28 hour trip (including the 14 hour flight LA-Sydney), and he was on Oz time in no time flat. I was all messed up for at least 4 days! And since you're bf'ing, that's easy, too. See if you can get a bassinette seat on your flight -they are located at the bulkhead (usually only 4 or 6 per 747), and you'll have to request it through your airline. With such a young baby, you should get priority for one. With our super long trips to Oz, we use sposies, because we just don't have the storage space (for clean AND dirty) for that length of trip on top of the other baby supplies & carryons! We did pack about 1.5 days' worth of cds that we used while in Oz, though. make sure you pack at least 2 spare outfits for baby in your carry-on and at least 1 spare shirt for youself in case of motion induced spit-up (I've been there!) Honestly, that age is one of the easiest to travel with!

ETA: Oh, and they'll probably make you take baby out of the MT and just hold him for takeoff - supposedly it's safer Some airlines will let you request a seatbelt extender and then you loop it through your seatbelt and then around baby's waist for takeoff so he is tethered to you, but is NOT sharing your seatbelt. I would at least ask for it - if it is a big flight, they may not even question you about it. The Australian, NZ & British airlines even offer them to you, they expect you to use it. I had a huge argument w/ Northwest - they said it was unsafe and wouldn't give it to me. Crazy. Just holding your baby is NOT safe if the plane even stops suddenly - you cannot physically keep hold of your baby at those forces. Best case: have a seat for the baby that you can put your carseat in.
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