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Re: Vax and my baby

Either way you can't win, imo.

On one hand, you vax and possibly save your child from suffering, or possibly dying from many diseases.

On the other, you vax and your child ends up with Autism and the like.

I, personally, don't really believe that vaxes completely cause issues in children. My thought is that some children may be prone to certain conditions, and then the vaxes could possibly set them off. But who really knows.

I'm struggling with this right now. I don't want to vax. I don't really know why I don't. More I guess because it makes him cry than anything else. But we are out in public ALL the time and live on a college campus. So, deep down I feel that I should vax him since he's exposed to so many people each day. He's due up for his 4 month shots and I have no idea if I'm going to get them yet.

ETA: I do know that while Chicken Pox was fairly easy for me, and is for most children. There ARE at least 100 children a year that die from it. A woman on another board just told us about her daughter's school, it had an outbreak and while most of the children were fine after their week or two with it, one little girl is now in a wheel chair and cannot talk. They don't know if she'll ever be able to fully recover. Like I said above, it's just a no win situation either way.
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