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Re: who else here doesn't get preg easy??

Originally Posted by madalexsmom
This may sound totally selfish but hey, it's true. I am one of those that does not get preggers easily. There is 7 1/2 years between #1 and #2, never used bc, tried off an on and then gave up (of course then I got preggers). There will be exactly 4 years between #2 and #3 and I was trying for 11 months. I find out I am preggers and I am thrilled to death. Then a "friend" finds out she is pregnant and due 4 weeks after me (of course she's telling everyone that she's now due the same week as me). I was so upset by this news. Here I try and try for a baby. I am married, financially stable and totally ready for #3 and she is single (just broke up with the father), has 2 special needs kids, lives off welfare and was smoking pot. Why? Why does she get 3 kids in 3 years and I have to pray every night and go through 2ww for a BFN? I know it's selfish and I'm sorry but sometimes it doesn't seem fair.
I can totally relate!!! I get fustrated with people definately IMO, do not need more kids due to their financial or life situation but yet it happens for them anyways. My hopes for her would be to turn her life around and get off the drugs....does she know that smoking pot is harmful to her unborn baby??? People..uggghhh
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