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Re: Taking Off Velcro Need Advice

Originally Posted by Severine
DD does that when I let her walk around in only a covered pf. Drives me crazy as I don't like snaps. What I'm doing? Putting clothes over her velcroed covers, and buying some snaps for when I don't feel like having her in clothes (like when it's 100 degrees this week!).

FWIW, we just returned to CDing after a 5 month hiatus. DD is at a stage where she will not stay still for anything now, and throws horrendous fits during diaper changes. Nothing like trying to pin on a prefold during THAT, then put a cover on. So I feel your pain in trying to get snap dipes on while yours is trying to run in the other direction!
are you pinning? have you tried snappies? they work wonders and are SOOOO much faster!
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