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Re: Vax and my baby

I wasnt implying that you thought the vaxes cause autism, I've just read alot from people who do believe that lately.

Secondly, "a little pill" doesnt help ALL people with ADHD. The best treatment is a combination of medication, behavior modification or therapy. (doesnt have to be all those, but a combination is best). My daughter does take medication for her ADHD. Finding the right med & the right dose hasnt been fun. And somedays, the ADHD just overpowers the whole "system" we have in place for her & nothing works. We've got her on meds, behavior mod, therapy, dietary changes, cutting out allergens, you name it. We have good days & we have bad days. Depending on severity & other issues present, a child with ADHD can also grow into an adult that cannot function on their own in society. And the Dr is still considering a diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder for my daughter which is a form autism. Do I regret getting her vaccinated, no, do I get my youngest vaccinated, yes & on schedule & I will vaccinate any future children as well. As for being a health care provider, I am a social worker. I provide services for children & famililes with ADHD, Autism & other behavior/developmental disorders in the schools, community & home. My area of service is all aspects of mental health.
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