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Re: Taking Off Velcro Need Advice

My 6 mo son just figured out this morning that the velcro on his dipe makes a cool sound when he pulls and *bonus* he ends up naked afterward. I feel confident that this is not a comfort issue (he wouldn't know the difference, it's been so long since he had on a sposie), just a "neato!" issue. Switching to snaps is not an option due to daycare and dh, so now, he just has to wear pants. I hope the novelty does wear off because I can't show off his several cute diapers if he's just going to take them off.

Also, if an 18 mo is uncomfortable - wouldn't she fuss/complain about the cloth - not just take them off?

Someone should sell those belly hugger things they use for pregnancy to pull down over the velcro strips - I know somebody (Drybees?) has a "giggle flap" for that purpose now, but something generic that we all could use for any diaper - maybe a single strip that snapped (in the back?) or a solid circle of spandexy fabric to slide on and push up over the belly during changes. WAHM's?

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