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Re: After 6 weeks of DS' horrible YI.... (coverless topic)

Originally Posted by lararum
Get some raw silk liners. It will help clear that up in no time. Coverless is good, we do that as often as possible. Do you use wool covers, I've found those make a difference for us.
No to wool. I am not sure that most people realize strict vegans don't use silk or wool. So that isn't an option for us. But, I have 3 snap-ez fleece pockets on the way for nights, which should offer better air flow than pul.... I just am soooo feeling the love for my ole fitteds, and can see why people are so addicted to coverless diapering. My mom even took Asher to the park the other day in a fitted and a t-shirt! She brought a spare just incase he wet through, but it was sooo hot and in the hour they were there didn't need a change.

I'm excited to put these in my line up again. I have always used them, but not back to back. Infact I have been doing laundry when I'm on my last one! I have barely touched a pocket since Thursday (today is Sunday).
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