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Re: Let down or not enough milk


If you are still having nipple pain, I'd go see a lc to make sure you have a good latch. You should not still be having pain at this point.

As far as supply goes, the 2 keys to determining if you have low supply or not is weight gain and wet dipes. Is your new little one having plenty of wet dipes and gaining weight well? If so, you have plenty of milk and your babe is doing just fine. FWIW, my dd was a 45 minute nurser as well. She loved to nurse and would nurse forever. My ds (no. 2) was much more efficient. He would nurse for 10 or 15 minutes, get full and pop off. Like yours, he also nursed much more often. My dd was an every 3 hour nurser, ds at least every 2. Every baby is different.

Don't give up yet!!! Give it a few more weeks and I bet things will get much better. Here is a link about fussiness at the breast. Hopefully it will help you identify why your little one is yanking and pulling on your breast. Could it be that you have oversupply and your baby is having a tough time dealing with it?
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