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Re: Anyone NOT like using wool?

I have tried minimal wool. I bought an Aristocrat wool soaker. I did use it a few times at night. Even with lanolizing, I can't say I was raving about it, as I always thought that it still felt kind of damp on the outside. Perhaps also because the 'Crat doesn't have the cute factor like some of those other customs I've seen. I also bought 2 wool soakers off Ebay from some woman in Latvia. The pics were really cute. I got them, and the sizing was all wonky - I could barely get the cover over my DD's fitteds.

Since then, I've been off wool. I see lots on FSOT and DiaperPin, but am worried to try 'em out again. They are awfully cute though. When I save up some more money, I think I might buy a woolie again to give it another chance. But for now, I'm tapped out!
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