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Re: After 6 weeks of DS' horrible YI.... (coverless topic)

Originally Posted by SarahJane
Which fitteds do you use? What do you like about them? I didn't know that about Vegans. Very interesting. - S
I have 6 puddlecatchers (2 night time ones(cotton fleece) and 4 terry cotton ones) and one KL. You can't buy Puddlecatchers any more. They were still being made when I bought them 3 years ago. I love the softness, 100%cotton factor and that they have a snap in doubler. They are like an AIO minus the waterproffness. So for short periods you can have them in all cotton, and if you change them when beginning to be damp you don't need a cover (unless you can't change often enough). And since at night I need the waterproofness, I just use a hemp doubler with a fitted and a cover. BTW, a night time fitted (Puddlecatcher) with a snap in doubler can make it a two hour nap for us...

William is a super soaker, so I am not sure if he could make it for a 2 hour nap, but I think you told me that he can save up his pee for a long time, so he stays dry a long time and then all of a sudden he pees fast. I'm guessing cotton terry absorbs well in that situation and if you were on top of things you could change him really fast. This gives you a few day time hours coverless when you are home and he doesn't need to be waterproof...

Kissaluvs have never been my favorite unless we are talking about the zeros (newborn size), but in this situation they have worked fine. They have cute colors and I am thinking of getting a few more unless there is another brand I should try... Oh no...... people are always raving about different ones and I hae not paid that much attention since we have our pockets and prefolds and covers and enough fitteds, but I can see doing fitteds and some fleece pants this winter around the house!!!

Maybe I should be getting away from PUL... Levi is gonna have pul in his trainers, but maybe with Asher I should focus on fleece and fitteds?

Anyway, why do you ask? What fitteds do you have Sarah?
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