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Re: What is going on with my baby???

My first thought was teething! I feel like a FTM when it comes to teething b/c every baby is different! My twins got teeth early, 4 mos, and my other boys all got teeth around 5 1/2-6 1/2 mos. They all exhibited the normal drooling, biting on things, knawing, fingers in the mouth, pulling on ears, fever, diarhea, rash, increased hunger... but all for varying lengths of time. Some on and off for MONTHS before a tooth broke through and this is verified by my Ped. I was convinced my son was sick and my Ped (who was very much into alternative medicine although had very western practices as well) said he was teething. He said that in his professional opinion virus' are often diagnosed when they don't know what it is, but often times under 1yr of age, babies are having a hard time teething.

I also have seen (with my youngest son) his teeth show one day right under the surface and the next day NOTHING! It drive me crazy! Finally it started breaking the skin so I could really tell but it was a LONG time coming! Like a month! I first saw it in early June and it came throug the weekend before 4th of July! So anyway, its not always a quick grumpy phase and that's it. They also exhibit increased night feedings and wakings.

I highly recommend the Hyland's Teething tablets and they sell them almost everywhere now. Definatly WalMart, Target, Whole Foods and several places online. They're homeopathic and really help baby cope. I have used them since my twins were cutting their 1yr molars on vacation and right before we left for a 9hr trip back home! And if they're not teething its not going to over medicate them or anything since its all homeopathic. If he does end up running a fever I often use a combo of Tylenol or Motrin (after 6 mos) and the teething tablets as directed on the back, fpr example: start w/ 3 tablets under the tongue and then 1-2 every hour after or something like that. It really helps! They also make a homeopathic teething gel like Orajel but not with medication in it.

Good luck!! I hope you get your sweet little baby back soon!!
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