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Re: Vax and my baby

Originally Posted by SoftBumBaby
Mods...would you be kind enough to delete that thread? Can that be done on this forum? I encounter so much of this lack of knowledge (and unwillingness to listen) about HFA in real life that I can't believe I opened myself up to getting it here too. I was asking an honest question...and instead got tons of sideways accusations. I don't want to be in the position of having to convince perfect strangers that I cherish my son or "professionals" that I know anything at all about the nature of what I'm posting about. The lack of knowledge about HFA and erroneous statements about vax and what they actually contain is all over this thread and it only makes me angrier as I realize my son will encounter just as much of this, as not more, as he gets older. So please...before really bad words fly, if you would delete, I would appreciate it...thank you.
Are you sure? (pm me) I think this is a very helpful thread! I'm sorry your request for support and information turned into a debate on whether or not vax is necessary....I was pretty sure thats not what you asked in the beginning....

Just to remind everyone, please keep in mind WHY a thread is started. The one thing that is really hard to see is a thread asking for support to turn into debate. If you would like to start a civil debate/discussion on the necessity of vax, please start a new thread titled so.

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