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Re: hemrrhoids?

Witch hazel is great- I wouldn't spend money on either the Tucks or Preparation H wipes because they are the same thing. Just get you some cotton squares and pour the witch hazel on them. Soaking in a tub also helps with the swelling. You can use the afrin- but not for more than a day or 2 because Afrin has a terrible rebound effect- which means it works but then the swelling actually gets worse. Lots of fiber in your diet- and if you're struggling with constipation you can take a stool softener (Colace is brand name and docusate sodium is generic) every night to soften things up so you don't strain.

Not to be gross- but take a look at them with a mirror. To have a problem this many weeks after delivery could mean that you have one that is either infected or has actually gotten a clot in it. Either case would require medical attention in addition to the remedies everyone has suggested.

(Sorry for all the detail- but the nurse in me comes out with stuff like this! )
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