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Re: which bottles for pumped milk?

We went through a bunch of bottles/nipples. I had a bunch of avent bottles from my cousin but dd wouldnít take them. We had bigtime latch issues so my lc wanted me to get her to use them Ė or at least a bottle with a wide mouth bip.

At first she only used medela bottles/nipples and then switched. I do see a BIG difference in her latch when she uses the medela nipples vs avent. One bottle we tried that is really awesome is the breastflow by first years. Itís a 2part nipple Ė hard inner and soft outer that is large.

If youíre breastfeeding, do stay with the newborn nipple as long as possible so they donít get used to the faster flow and reject the breast later. Its not aproblem for everyone of course, but can be for some/many and easier to avoid rather than fix. DD is 9mo and is still using the newborn nips- my breasts donít change flow rate so neither should her bottles!
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