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Re: Can having no AC it hot weather make kids sick?

The heat and humidity make me VERY sick!!! I feel shakey and faint, sick to my stomach and get a migrane. I don't feel like eating and I HAVE to feel air moving.

I would NOT put a fan in the window to pull in hot air during the day. Try to keep the curtains or blinds closed, someone suggested foil, try it! lol Whn the temp does get lower outside then open the window. I would keep a fan on and let them play in the tub with cool water. I dont know how brave you are, but maybe even a small kiddy pool in the front room with a couple inches of water. I am not sure I am that brave, but as hot as it has been if we didn't have air, I may try anything! lol

Offer pop sicles, there are even pedialyte popsicles. Cut up fresh fruit and refridgerate it. Foods like that. I have family in OH, what part are you in?

I am praying it cools down also. When I have to go out I get so sick and unfortunately it looks like Wed will be hotter. Check your local papers for any used AC's and try to contact your local council on aging. They may be able to help.
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