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1) I can respect your right to make your own decision, while not respecting the decision itself. This is not meant to be a personal attack, and I apologize if it came across that way; however, I believe the opinion you've expressed to be based on faulty information and very, very bad science.

2) Some of the diseases were on the decline already, but most would come back very quickly if the majority of people stopped vaccinating for any reason. Outbreaks of mumps in places where parents have been refusing the MMR vaccine are a case in point. Mass vaccinations for smallpox have made that vaccination unnecessary - the disease has been eradicated. The drive to vaccinate the developing world against polio, to eradicate that, has been going for years but is still many years from completion. Diphtheria is spread through stagnant water, so it could pop up anywhere there are untended ponds and hot weather. I could go on, but the fact is, the reason the diseases are on the decline is that people vaccinate their kids, thereby reducing the number of potential carriers of the disease and reducing the likelihood of an outbreak turning into an epidemic.

3) I know a great deal about autism. I've taught kids with every level of autism, from barely-there to not yet potty trained or talking at age seven. I have a good friend who is a therapist in an intensive behaviour modification program, working with the most developmentally delayed kids you'll ever meet. Basically, there are two times when autism shows up. It is either visible almost from birth, or it appears in kids who were developing normally, sometime between eighteen months and three years. There is no rhyme or reason to who gets it, but unvaccinated kids are as likely to get it as vaccinated ones. It just happens to have its onset at about the same time that many children are getting their most intensive round of vaccinations (especially the MMR) so parents assume a causal relationship. Out of the twenty or so studies I've read on this subject (in peer-reviewed medical journals of the highest standing) only one, very small one showed any kind of causal relationship between vaccines and autism. The rest basically said the relationship doesn't exist - that is, the onset of the disease and the timing of the vaccine are completely coincidental - neither one has any effect on the other. My friend, who has every possible reason for being terrified of autism after four years with these kids, has every intention of vaccinating her children. Part of her degree was in microbiology, including a masters-level review of research papers on the effects of vaccines. She knows what she's talking about.

4) I can't comment on how your child or another one got whooping cough. It's one of the least-studied vaccines, and there have been some legitimate concerns with it; but kids who have had the vaccine are much, much less likely to get it or carry it than kids who have not.

5) Formaldehyde I'll grant you, but aborted babies? I find that very hard to believe. If you mean stem cell research, it's called research because it isn't being used in many treatments yet, and its primary benefits aren't going to be in the vaccine industry in any case - they're working on organ and tissue regeneration, a completely different thing.
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