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Re: c-section w/ second child mommies...question

I think that all depends on how fast a healer you are. For instance, I was walking the halls of the hospital a few hours after my CS. When we got home (this is for my 2nd and 3rd children) I was walking and pretty much doing my daily stuff with some extra reast. 10 days out was like I had never had the surgery for me. How were you for your first CS? were you able to do your regular daily stuff, just at a slower pace? Or did you have to flat out rest for a few days and then slowly get back into your routine? I am pretty sure that any dr. would tell you err on the side of caution, so rest as much as you can while you have help, bcs that will go far when you are by yourself. Might even be good to have dh take off half days instead of whole days, that way he can be home for a longer period of time, does htat make sense? Like if he went to work in the morning, then came home to give you afternoons off? Hope all goes well for ya!!
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