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Re: What is going on with my baby???

Originally Posted by crunchychristianmom
I've been trying to eliminate dairy, and it's not easy! Dry patches could be ecsema (sp?), and milk protein is definitely a possible culprit. My 7wo has been colicky since week one, but last week we had four days of a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BABY after I had all dairy out of my system for a full three days. It's keeping it out that's a pain. I switched to soy mochas, but looks like the chocolate bothers him, too. And I forgot that scones are made with cream -- two more days of crying after that. Now that I'm cutting out all dairy, I figure I may as well go vegan!! LOL. My vegan friends have been bugging me about it long enough... but my dh and ds1 are NOT interested in giving up their meat.
i eat/drink so much dairy stuff that if it is an allergy there goes my diet!! LOL if i have to i have to-anything so he's not a crab

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