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annoying relatives, complaining!

We spent the day with my aunts yesterday and one in particular was driving me crazy!
My dd is 8 months old, and she kept telling me she was behind in development because she was not talking!

Last I checked 8 month olds dont talk. She insists her children all were talking at 8 months and that my dd should be using at least a handful of words! And get this, the reason she isnt talking is because I dont talk to her enough. I am not teaching her of course. I dont use words when speaking to my baby. *sigh*
Of course she also had something to say about her not crawling. Naturally its because she is in "that thing" all day, meaning the babycarrier (either ergo or mt). Not only is her late crawling my fault but she will never learn to walk now either.

WTF? My baby is JUST FINE thank you!
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