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Re: How to "plan" the sex of your baby...

Well, there's a few different ideas on positions (woman on top is supposed to give you a girl - personally I just think that it's just harder work for the sperm, LOL and I didn't want to waste any sperm when we were ttc). We didn't really use it - but there is the one (the name escapes me, sorry) of timing bding with you O. If you bd ON the day that you ovulate, that's supposed to get you a boy. Now, we know that doesn't always happen becasue I bd'd on O day (no bding around there, either, didn't think I would O then) and I got two girls. They all have their pitfalls, LOL, and apparently most of them don't really work.
There are some herbs, etc. that increase fertility (they talk about them on FF, maybe someone can refresh me it's been awhile) and some have been linked more to boys than girls. I can't tell you which ones - but if you go looking you might find them.
LOL, my DH always "knew" after we got pg what the sex was - and he's always been right. This past time he knew it would be a girl even before we conceived, so ask DH to tell you when he feels girly I guess. DH also said he was "thinking twins" when we were ttc, but he told me later he was joking, LOL, so who knows.
Good luck - I think in the end it really is just luck of the draw, and sooner or later (sooner, I think ) odds are in your favor to get a girl!
Oh, there are actual books out there about this if you want more ideas on any of them. LOL, I don't know if I would want to spend my money on them, but it might be worth a try!

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