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Re: How to "plan" the sex of your baby...

Originally Posted by MamaMer
How do you chart? I am super fertile, so I do prescription BC, bcs nothing else works. Just ask my 3 kids! What does charting involve?
Charting involves keeping track of your basal body temperature (your temp at rest when you wake up in the morning... you keep track of it at the same time every day) and your fertile signs (cervical mucus, cervical position, stuff like that). Fertility Friend used to be a great way to keep track, but things have gone downhill. These ladies should have another resource you can use for tracking.

There is a clear thermal shift when you ovulate, which keeping track of your temp daily would be able to show you. This helps you figure out when your O day is exactly (since nobody has a textbook cycle) so you can plan accordingly.

For pH you can get litmus paper at the pharmacy at Walmart, or online, and that will tell you what your pH level is. The more acidic, the better the environment for girls...
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