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Re: How to "plan" the sex of your baby...

theres a site called

im not sure how much it costs but it charts for you when you get AF and all.
most woman O after 14 days after af has visited. so between 14-18 days you "should" ovulate.
my dr told me when we were ttc our first, and it was confusing, she said
21 days AFTER af and then subtract 7 days for af, something like that SOO i was trying to crack her "code"
and it comes out around 14-18 days, well when i becamew pg with danny, it was 18 days after af had came to visit. it worked when we did get pg and i was in shock as it took us 2 1/2 yrs to conceive him, with my daughter it was so easy and we got pg FAST!


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