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Re: Taci is a Tummy Sleeper,Make Me Feel Better About This

Originally Posted by Candy
My DD has slept on her tummy since she was about 2 months. She just slept sooo much better that way. She still does now at 17 months.
If she rolled herself over than it's fine.
Miranda started rolling over at 2 months old, but at 3weeks old she was in her crib sleeping on her stomach.. I spent basically those first 3 weeks on 16 hours of sleep. She woke every 20 minutes and then was up screaming for 3 hours.. then back down for 20 minutes.

I would of been worried about it too.. if I could of stayed awake long enough to worry about it. lol

It's fine.. once they can start rolling over by themselves, it's less of a risk.
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