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Re: Parents of only one child....

I have only one child.. and I plan on having a large age gap.. but she won't be the only child forever.

I too had a horrible pregnancy, a very hard birth.. BAD PPD (and still depressed) and I still would risk it all again for another... Later... like 3 years later (my daughter will be 2 next month.. Well actually September, I forgot that it's still july)

I do like the thought of having only one.. I grew up as basically an only child (my brother and sister were about out of the house when i was born)
I never had to share toys.. I never had to share a room.. I had all of my mothers Attention. There wasn't other children in the house to fight with. lol

about the only thing I don't like about being an only child was there was no one to play 2 people games with.. the Board games I got all the time.. no one to play them with. lol
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