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Re: Parents of only one child....

I have only one child (14 months old) and really no plans to have another one in the near future. If we do decide to have another one, it will probably be in 5-6 years.

Financial reasons are one of the major reasons. We simply cannot afford childcare or anything else right now for another child. We live paycheck to paycheck now, and to add another child to the mix would not be feasible.

It also took me 4.5 years to get pregnant, and I can't handle the TTC and inevitable letdown each month when I would get AF. So, I just decided to stay on BC for the next few years just to make sure that I don't have a little surprise like DD is.

I am also a little older, so 5-6 years from now will put me in the high risk catagory. My mom was 37 when I was born back in the 70s, and it was always a little weird to have a mom that was almost the same age as my friends grandparents. She also died at age 64 when I was only 26 and I don't want to put my child through that, losing a parent at a young age if I can help it.

DD is also a "high needs" baby and I can't imagine trying to take care of another one since she demands ALL of my attention and effort right now. I don't want to take time away from her babyhood to take care of another child. It isn't fair to her, she deserves my full attention.

I was an only child at home growing up (2nd marriage baby) and I had my parents full attention. Board games were a little challenging though, LOL But I'm able to entertain myself whereas DH was one of 8 kids, and he has to constantly be entertained. He can't just read or be quiet just for fun.
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