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Basically, there are two times when autism shows up. It is either visible almost from birth, or it appears in kids who were developing normally, sometime between eighteen months and three years. There is no rhyme or reason to who gets it, but unvaccinated kids are as likely to get it as vaccinated ones. It just happens to have its onset at about the same time that many children are getting their most intensive round of vaccinations (especially the MMR) so parents assume a causal relationship. Out of the twenty or so studies I've read on this subject (in peer-reviewed medical journals of the highest standing) only one, very small one showed any kind of causal relationship between vaccines and autism. The rest basically said the relationship doesn't exist - that is, the onset of the disease and the timing of the vaccine are completely coincidental - neither one has any effect on the other.
There is certainly a connection between the amount of mercury left in vaccinations (even those that are supposedly "thimerasol free") and children found with toxic levels in their systems. There is certainly a connection between mercury/heavy metal poisoning and children who show symptoms on the Autistic spectrum.

one example:
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