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oh no! another girl???? you must be so upset!

Does that bother anyone????????? 'Cause it really bothers me! I have gotten this response from EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has asked me what I'm having. And when I respond that actually I'm really really happy to be expecting my 3rd girl, they look at me like I"m this brave little soldier tryign to be content with what I have. Like my girls are a disappointment. That really really makes me mad. I only wanted 3. I LOVE having 2 girls. I'm SO excited to be having a third girl to join her big sisters. I absolutely adore my little sister, not a day goes by when we don't speak even though we live 6 hours apart. And I can only hope that my girls are that close to each other. I'm THRILLED to be expecting another girl. And truthfully, I dont' know how to react to nay-sayers. I think everyone just expects that I was trying for a son and am devastated. My husband and MIL are upset of course so that doesn't help. But it just bothers me. My girls are such a blessing. I dont' think I'd know how to handle a son.
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