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Re: oh no! another girl???? you must be so upset!

Originally Posted by urchin_grey View Post
That's not very nice. I hope people don't say that in front of your other girls. I was the oldest of 5 girls and every time someone would go "OMG another girl???" with a horrified look on their face, it would make me feel like we weren't as good as boys or something.
My oldest knows this feeling all too well because my sadistic idiotic MIL has been RAVING this entire pregnancy because we're "finally" having a boy... than again, I hate having her telling me "Now you'll know what being a mom is all about now that you're finally having a boy." (Like I don't already know having three children???)

I try to remind myself that stupid people are around only because it's illegal to kill them. And it's not my fault they're stupid.

But lots of hugs to you mama! I've got three girls and it's AWESOME!!! (ok, MOST days are awesome... but you get the idea! )

However... if you want a response... tell them "No, why should I be upset, are you?"
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