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Parenting advice from...

...a grocery store cashier?? We went to Kroger to do our grocery shopping today. While we were checking out, the cashier asked how old DS was. Then she said, "He's probably not even eating food yet."

I replied that no, he definitely wasn't eating food yet, and that he was 4 months.

She went on to talk about her daughter and her children. How, with her first, she was "afraid" to give the child any food. With the second, she wasn't as afraid, and with the third, it was "whatever". She then went on to say "It's your first, isn't it?"

Well, I'm sorry, but I was offended. After all the time about first-time parents being "afraid" to give their children solids, and then making the comment about DS being our first, it ticked me off! She then said something about children needing solids, and I replied very matter-of-factly that "Children don't need anything but breastmilk for the first year." She scoffed and said that 3 doctors told her to give her child solids because she wasn't getting enough from breastmilk.

And then, in the car, DH had the nerve to tell me I had been rude!! He's usually very supportive, but he acted like the woman hadn't said ANYTHING wrong and that I was "dying" to pick a fight!!

*sighs* I'm sorry, but she came across as extremely rude. But then again, people don't think twice about comments like that being rude. I don't doubt that she didn't specifically MEAN to be rude, but when people talk out of ignorance (like about how children NEED food), I just can't let the ignorant comments slip by.

Was I off base here?
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