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Re: the great Diaperswappers "lovey" duplicator!

Originally Posted by Menfusse View Post
My dd has a blanket, "gankie" to be exact. We actually started her out with a small pooh one from Walmart, but this one had been laying around and when she discovered it, that's all she wrote. Though I feel like it's prolly more the size that the actual blanket. I think she'd take anything that was silky on one side soft/minkee on the other side and was big enough to wrap around her whole body. We don't leave the house without it, and god forbid if we lost it. I haven't found another blanket anywhere that one whole side is the silky material. So, if anybody has one, or another blanket this size with one side completely that silky material, I'd love to have it. I'll pay you to get one, or pay you for one. This one was at a discount/close out store and there are no more to be had.

That is the little design on it. But, like I said, I don't think its the specific blanket as it is the silky material all over her. She'll stand like little red riding hood with it wrapped around her head and body.
I have a light turquoise colored blanket with a Care Bear on it.... I'll dig it out if you are interested.
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