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Re: Third tri and need some relief!

I totally know what you mean! I am having #2 in 65 days (July 6th) and I am chasing #1 (only 14 months) around ALL day!! I cry at night because my back & tailbone hurt so bad. The little relief that I have had is going to the rec center and walk around in the pool and laying on a heating pad. I also make my dh rub my back before I go to bed. He keeps telling me to go get a massage, but the pregnancy ones are so expensive! The chiropractor seems to help a little, only problem is that he doesn't have a Preggo Table for the belly. So it makes adjustments a little harder. I also just keep telling myself that it will be all worth it in the end. It can just make for very long days, especially with my daughter, when you feel cruddy! My doc actually told me to "take it easy" and "don't lift a lot". I told him that wouldn't work (my husband works 24 hour shifts and my daughter weighs almost 30 pounds) and that he should take a break for 8 weeks and come over and help me out. His response was that he'd love too, however he didn't think that I would like it when he would tell me to stop doing whatever I wasn't suppose to. Which is correct, I can't stand it when someone tells me I shouldn't be doing that.

Hang in there!
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