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Re: Why are some people so anti when they should be for it??

Man, that is AWFUL. I don't know if you are liscensed by your state or are planning on becomming liscensed but if you want it to stop, here is an idea that may work. Print off the liscensing requirements for at home daycare in your state, highlight the applicable sections, give it to the mom and tell her that you are working towards state liscensing and you HAVE TO comply with those rules. EVERY state has rules on how often you have to change a diaper in a daycare situation and I guarentee that it is NOT 3 diapers in a 10 hour period. I know in Texas, for infants it is every 2 hours or every poopy diaper whichever comes first. Once you let her know how often she HAS to be changed BY LAW, you can mention cloth again and maybe she will be more interested in listening. Just an idea. Sorry for your bad morning.
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