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Re: Why are some people so anti when they should be for it??

My suspicion is that if she has very little money, she doesn't want to have to buy the Cds. To many people it seems like a lot of money. Which it can be, but only once, which is what I have to stress each time I talk to someone about why we CD. As for the "eew that is gross" comments from people, using cloth and washing pooped in diapers in your washer can seem gross. Tbh, I cringe whenever I have to rinse a poopy one! But I do it bcs I enjoy the other benefits from CDing, kwim? And I get the feeling that a lot of moms feel as if I am somehow looking down on them if the use sposies (which I don't, to each his own) so maybe she feels like your suggestions is implying that she is making a bad choice for her child by using sposies? Which I am sure you aren't but being a working mama must get her lots of juding looks so maybe she is just feeling like it is one more stick in the fire to be asked to switch to cds? I dunno, just trying many guesses here! But to you for being concerned, it sounds as if she def. needs to get you some more diapers whichever kind she chooses!!
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