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Re: Why are some people so anti when they should be for it??

Hmm this raises so many questions, the fact that the child is with you 10 hours even!! SOme people have to work but WOW is that normal for daycare situations!! Not that you could afford this, but I would stop watching her!! NOt that it solves the issue, but that it really not sanitary to leave her in those dipes that long!! I wonder if she even gets changed at home? Maybe you can find a way to approach her with out offending her. I am sure she would qualify for miracle diapers or something?? I am sure free could be attractive to her if she is so broke!!

THat is so sad, it reminds me of a story my cousin told me. THis baby at her daycare came back to daycare every morning in the dipe he left in the day before!! He was convinced of this, and started marking them where the parents could not see. Sure enough the mark was there the next day!! She started taking pics etc and reported them!! Okay enough about the rant that just saddens me!!!
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