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Re: Why are some people so anti when they should be for it??

I would still print up some sort of contract, even if not licensed parents need to abide by rules....stating that a child MUST HAVE enoguh diapers to be changed every 2hrs when in your care if needed plus a couple extras for the day, just incase. You can make up your own contract, I have a contract saved of mine because when I lived in GA I had a licensed home daycare lmk if you want me to help...good luck

Oh a question, you were willing to use cloth diapers but not cloth wipes?? they still poop in the diapers so whats the difference? (not trying to be snotty just wondering)

ETA: yes 10 hrs is usually normal for daycare...You work 8-9 hrs aday and depending where you work and traffic is the other 1-2hrs.
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