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Re: Why are some people so anti when they should be for it??

I definitely know that cloth isn't for everyone!! It just seems funny since she wouldn't even have to deal with it, and it'd save her lots of money.

Maybe we should see if we can snag some FFS large diapers to help out. Then maybe the mama would be okay with it? Then she'd save money, and her baby wouldn't have to be in sposies while at your house? I don't know, just thinking "out loud".

Has she (the mama) seen cloth? Maybe if she saw how great it was, she might be okay with it. Or, maybe since she's so skint on cash right now, she is automatically thinking "Great, more money to spend!"

Good Luck Mama! I'll keep my eye out for some large diapers FFS or anything like that. If I had some, I'd help you, but my DS is barely into mediums (from smalls) and probably will be until PLing, so I have no larges!!

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